Never alone


Never Alone

At “Africa for Africa” we give you the opportunity to adopt wild animals while they are still walking free. Below you will find information on the categories of adoption which will allow you to participate at multiple levels based on your ability to donate and contribute.

All the adopted animals are collared and monitored via satellite with the two Rhino species being monitored very closely due to their vulnerability and high rate of poaching. For the other species,i.e. Elephant and Lion, only the dominant animals in the herd/ pride will be collared to reduce the overall stress on the animals, however, this will still enable us to track the herd/pride. For these species, even though only the dominant animals will be collared, the whole pride/herd will be available for adoption at a lower rate than the collared animals. The monitoring of the animals is done by Wildlife Act at Somkhanda Game Reserve (See History of Somkhanda).

Adoption Packages