Our Story

How it all began

William Lombard

I grew up in a small town in the Karoo. I lived on a farm and was fortunate enough to be afforded the opportunity to experience a good, clean out door style of living.

Whilst out in the veld looking after sheep I found myself searching for any type of wild creature. I unearthed mostly lizards and other small creatures but it was enough to ignite an interest in the various flora and fauna around me. It was my early Karoo childhood years where my passion for nature and conserving it`s surrounds began.

Later in life as a young man we visited the Addo Elephant Park. Needless to say I was intrigued by animal behavior, especially elephants. To this day I have a soft spot for these huge creatures and enjoy watching and understanding the way that they communicate with their various body movements . My interest in wildlife grew, and I developed a further love of nature conservation and for what it stood for.

I always felt a desire to ‘give back to nature’. To be able to say thank you to Mother Nature in the form of a charity. This longing to ‘give back ‘ all started to make sense and came together whilst we were on a rhino dehorning and elephant collaring experience in June 2018. This incredible action packed, educational weekend was sponsored by Wildlands Conservation Trust.

It was thanks to Tanya, my partner who donated the previous year to Wildlands that allowed us to be invited on a Big Five Operanional experience . What really amazed me about this trip was that the majority of the group investing in our South African wildlife sanctuaries were foreigners. Our particular group was all made up of American women and their children. Tanya and I were the only two South Africans there. I slept on this experience and the following morning the seed was planted. Why don’t we do something from our side, as South African citizens? There has to be many people out there that are as passionate about our Big Five Country as we are . We can give back no matter how small. We must protect our heritage. It was then that I realized that I wanted to become an integral part of these types of charities and conservation projects.

A couple of months past and it was during the Imfolozi Cycling Challenge that we discussed contributing once again to Wildlands Rhino project. It was then that it dawned on me that we should get our youth and young adults involved at an early stage of their lives so as to understand the fragility of our heritage. We discussed it and decided that each of our children should be part of this donation by contributing their ideas and time from a young heads perspective.

Various ideas started milling around in my head and I have not stopped thinking since.

It all made sense to me now, we as South Africans should be proud . So from my little Karroo boy stories to all the wild life adventures I have been fortunate to experience it was inevitable that I, as a South African wanted to and would give back to nature. With our children so positive and with all their input we have developed our family company. Africa for Africa.

My daughter came up with a catchy slogan. ‘Fixing Tomorrow, Today.’

Through wildlife adoptions, youth programs and various donations towards the Somkhanda Reserve we hope to achieve an interest and awareness amongst our youngsters so they can become important ambassadors in our project in protecting our wildlife and beautiful heritage.

We have since adopted a black baby rhino and her name is ‘ Tallulah,’ which means, ‘ Lady of Abundance’.

It’s amazing how this simple gesture can give one such a feeling of belonging, a nurturing feeling that’s immeasurable . The interest we had developed in conservation and the involvement in the dehorning weekend resulted in a meeting with Wildlands Conservation Trust.
Africa for Africa met with Wildlands and they gave us an exciting, challenging and rewarding partnership opportunity to become Friends of Somkhanda .
Somkhanda Game Reserve is an existing big five game reserve north of KZN that requires our assistance in getting animals on the reserve adopted (See our adoption plans).

Africa for Africa is a non-profitable organization (NPO Reg No is 218-438 NPO). All proceeds will go toward animal adoptions and the upgrading and maintenance of Somkhanda Game Reserve including any other projects that are on the near horizon.

That is our story in short. Thank you for visiting our website. Please don’t forget to have a look at our amazing team on the “Our Team Page”.

William Lombard